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How do you know your vendor is giving you a square deal?

It’s one thing to find a resource. It’s another to know you are paying a fair market rate. One of the reasons we launched back in 2008 is we felt there was too little effort based pricing in the sourcing business. Everything was a % of XYZ which didn’t make sense to us (especially for contractors). The sourcing effort doesn’t change with resource rate so why is pricing based on it. So, when you work with us, you see everything:

  • Candidate Rate and Markup:With every candidate we share to you all our cards are on the table. Rate to you, rate to the candidate, our mark-up, and any other middlemen (if any). Oh, and markup is a flat $/hour for contractors. Not % pricing for us.
  • The Candidate Pool. Any client of ours can see, real time, the pool of candidates we have sourced for them online. While it’s a subset of what we have to weed through (we reject about 80% of candidates outright), it is a great way for clients to get a sense of price ranges various skills are going for. Here is an example.
  • Our Thinking. More of a perk for our vendors but we keep a real time log of changes on every lead AND as we rank or qualify candidates we share those comments as well. Our thinking is, the more our vendors know on why we reject (or like) a given candidate the more refined their subsequent sourcing will be. Better communication equals better results. You won't see this level of communication from the major VMS systems. Amplified is a market leader.

If you want to hear our founder, Tim Bauer, riff on the above, click the video below.