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Don’t be the bird in the bush …

We all have been there. You find the right candidate but during the course of your screening (1st, 2nd, onsite, etc.) the candidate gets another offer and takes it. What if you could streamline your screening process? Less time wasted on your side. Less opportunity for competitors to gum up the works. Win-win. That’s why one of our core amplifiers focuses on how to do just that.

  • Our Screen, Your Screen. During our screens we capture the call with unique playback tools that allow you to see what is being talked about and click, immediately, to what matters to you. That, plus the fact our screeners are all from delivery you can see why many of our clients use our screen as their first (removing one screen from the typical flow) some even go to the point of laying out the questions they want us to focus on.
  • Our Screen, Your Timing. One of the biggest factors of delay in the screening process is scheduling. When you work with us you can replay any part of our screens at your leisure. No more scheduling issues – at least for the 1st round of questions you have.

If you want to hear our founder, Tim Bauer, riff on the above, click the video below.