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Paper Amplifier

Leverage your network, without the headache …

How do you bring in sole proprietors to help your business while reducing the operational headaches that directly contracting independents brings? It seems to be a question every organization faces as who wouldn’t want a known quantity, found and vetted by your team, helping them? But then you realize the headache -- contracts, background checks, time reporting, payroll, and more – that you go through for each individual resource. Not to mention associated tax reporting and other events after the assignment that might crop up. This is what Amplified Sourcing’s Paper Amplifier is built to solve:

  • Full Life Cycle Support (includes time reporting, invoicing, payroll, tax filing/withholding and associated post assignment events).
  • Its Process is Simple. Step 1: You identify the candidate and bring them to LEVERAGEncy. Step 2: LEVERAGEncy checks candidate and executes candidate facing paperwork. Step 3: LEVERAGEncy executes a work order with you.
  • The Pricing Is Fair. You pay only a processing fee. Currently that is $2.50/hour as of 10/2016. Fees are subject to review on an annual basis. The processing fee for a candidate wanting Limited W2 structure will be more to cover the costs of employer taxes and filings.

If you want to hear our founder, Tim Bauer, riff on the above, click the video below.