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About Us

Company History

Amplified Sourcing actually started in 2008 as LEVERAGEncy Sourcing. The original mission? Create an offering for contract (and/or direct hires) that used tools (levers) focused on transparency and openness so that 3rd parties (agents) could benefit from them as well. Hence the name LEVERAGEncy (lever+agency).

Over the course of the next 8 years, we learned things about the original value propositions we launched on. What was working. What wasn’t. What our clients really seemed to value from us. Most importantly we realized that nobody could pronounce LEVERAGEncy. Hard for clients to ask for you by name if they aren’t sure how to pronounce it. So, in 2016, we rebranded to “Amplified Sourcing” to refocus the company on what we knew was working – amplifying the sourcing process in ways that other vendors were not. Easier to say AND more aligned to what we had grown to become.

Tim Bauer – Founder

Tim BauerTim is a 25+ year veteran of the consulting industry. He started with Accenture in the early 90’s doing massive custom system delivery on mainframe and C platforms. He then moved on to Ernst & Young starting as a customization/interface/conversion lead and then moving on to overall management of ERP installations around Oracle and PeopleSoft (largest was a 100+ person, 18 month PeopleSoft rollout). After his 2nd son, he left the consulting lifestyle for a bit joining MasterCard's to lead their DataMart group. However, consulting called him back when he had the chance to join a consulting startup that became Perficient (publically traded; PRFT). While at Perficient he focused once again on Dot-Com custom solutions. When he and his wife had their 3rd boy, they had the opportunity to move up by his parents in Madison, WI. It was a tuff decision but, being a family guy, Tim decided to move north. So in 2003 he joined Greenbrier & Russel (G&R) as their “Advanced Technology Practice Manager” for the Wisconsin market. When G&R was bought by Fujitsu in 2006, Tim was asked to take on Fujitsu’s Open Systems practice (more custom solutions) for all of the United States. That brings us to Amplified. In 2008, Tim dove back into the entrepreneurial waters launching the people sourcing business LEVERAGEncy (now Amplified Sourcing). Stick around for the rest of the story …

Jan Graves - Agent

Tim Bauer Jan started her career in Marketing, primarily the Banking industry, with stops in architectural and engineering services along the way. Looking to grow her skills, she moved into a hybrid sales/consulting role with MEG Communications, specializing in web development and video production. The die was cast. Working with clients to identify a strategy, and then help to execute that strategy, became her passion. Knowing that technology was increasingly at the center of important business discussions, Jan directed her energy in the IT services industry. She joined Greenbrier & Russel in 2000 as a Business Development Manager, helping to grow the Madison office into a go to partner for companies in South Central Wisconsin. It was during this time that she met and began to collaborate with Tim Bauer, Founder of LEVERAGEncy. As they worked together it became clear that they shared a vision for, and a commitment to, what it meant to bring value to clients. It was out of those conversations that the business model for what would become LEVERAGEncy (now Amplified Sourcing) was developed. Jan formally joined Amplified Sourcing in January of 2014.