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Sourcing Amplifier

I don’t need more partners. I need less! Right?!??

We get it. Prevailing wisdom says you should deal with a ‘short list’ of vendors … not every Tom, Dick, and Harry. We don’t disagree. However, what if you could do both? Keep your shortlist but have one vendor on that list, Amplified Sourcing, that gives you access to Tom, Dick, Harry, Sue, Fred and their 1000+ friends? Wouldn’t that be the best of both worlds? In doing so, you keep your streamlined internal process but tap into:

  • Short List, But With Greater Depth. We send you the most qualified candidates we can find nationally, not candidates on the bench and close to what you asked for. It is common sense that the more unique candidates that consider your opportunity, the more that may submit. The more that submit, the more options you have on the final shortlist. Why not have one of your shortlist vendors (Amplified Sourcing) play the role of filtering and shortlisting the mass market? The short list you have to process is still the same size, but you know one of the vendors culled the mass market for their submissions.
  • Purple Squirrels, But With More Eyeballs. We are not talking about success rates with commodity roles, we know you fill with reasonable success. What we are talking about are those niche roles. Those ‘purple squirrel’ candidates that are so hard to find due to rate and/or skill mix constraints. In those situations, you can’t just narrow cast your need via your shortlist of vendors. They don’t have enough reach to find the needle in the haystack. However, where 10 vendors might struggle basic math tells you 1000+ might succeed. More vendors equals a broader reach which, in turn, means better odds you bag that rare candidate (purple, green, or blue).

If you want to hear our founder, Tim Bauer, riff on the above, click the video below.