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What is up with the focus on amplification?

Over the course of our first eight years (see About Us for details) we had an epiphany. Our favorite clients didn’t love us because we were great (even though we are;). Nor did they love us for our ability to do everything (even though we can). It was how our sourcing process, via key aspects we call amplifiers, made their lives easier:

  • Talk to one, reach thousands. Unlike most vendors we are built to integrate to 1000’s of vendors so you don’t have to. To hear more, check out our “Partnerships Amplifier”.
  • LEVERAGE who you know, fairly. Your team knows tons of independent resources but how do you engage them without an avalanche of paper and cost? Many of our clients swear by our “Paper Amplifier” … maybe you should as well.
  • Screen candidates, faster. If your current partners can’t show you how they can make your screening process faster, perhaps you should check out our “Screens Amplifier”.
  • See the market, transparently. Wish your vendors were an open book? Look no further. We share candidate rate, markup, entire candidate pool, and more with our “Visibility Amplifier”.

If you want to hear our founder, Tim Bauer, riff on any of the above, click the associated video below.

Partnerships Amplifier
Paper Amplifier
Screens Amplifier
Visibility Amplifier