AMPLIFY your strengths

Everyone has a working solution for finding direct hires and contractors. We make it better! So instead of adding ABC vendor to your vendor list why not add us and get access to the whole alphabet (1000+)?

Why Amplified Sourcing?

Amplified Sourcing is a people sourcing company. Contractors, direct hires, or contract-to-hire … we do it all. What makes us special though is that we are built to amplify four key aspects of your talent sourcing:

  • Partnerships
  • Paper
  • Screens
  • Visibility
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We are built to interact with over 1000 vendors ... so you don’t have to.
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Have candidates you know but want someone to run the paper, without getting gouged on price?
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Want someone from delivery asking questions you care about and giving you the ability to listen at your leisure?
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Curious on what the market price for ALL resources applying to your job is … before our mark?
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What types of people can we source?

Well we really see sourcing as independent of domain (it’s a process not a network). That said, there is value in working a specific domain and, while you can see some of the areas in our word cloud, we do have some we work more than others:

  • Custom Development (.NET, Java, etc.)
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing